Lengua Adicional al Español I

Bloque I: ¿quién soy?

Simple Present   

Elementary family vocabulary in English for Spanish speakers

Possessive Adjectives   

Possessive Adjectives in English   

A, AN, THE - Articles in English   

Grammar - Articles - When to use A, AN, or no article   

English Grammar Lesson: Definite and indefinite articles   

"A" "An" and "the"   

The Present Tense - English   

English Grammar - Present Simple tense   

English grammar lesson: Present Simple   

English Grammar Lesson: Using the Present Simple tense   

Simple Present Tense   

Learn English - present simple form ("I like, she likes")   

Verb BE (present) - Basic English Grammar   

Verb to Be (present) - Inglés - Educatina   

English Grammar Lesson: Personal Pronouns   

Speaking English - Talking about Family   

English Vocabulary - Nationalities   

Simple Present Tense   

Speaking English - Saying Numbers   

Reading Numbers in English   

English Pronunciation - How to pronounce numbers   

Basic English Grammar - TO BE verb   

Basic English Grammar - Using   

The verb "be" in the present tense -- negative   

Present Tense negative using the verb   

Indefinite Pronoun   

Using adjective clauses with indefinite pronouns   

Possessive Adjectives