Lengua Adicional al Español IV

Bloque lll: Expresas gustos y preferencias

Learn english asking about occupations what is your job

Learn english asking about hobbies what do you do for fun

Starting conversations english conversation lesson

Planning a vacation free english speaking course

Taking a break speak english fluently when you have fun

Grooming yourself getting a haircut salon visit etc

Shopping for clothes speak english fluently at a clothes store

Going on a hiking trip english conversation

Going to the movies speak english fluently

Talking about a song learn to speak english fluently

Discussing tv shows english conversation lesson

Hows your day learn good phrases daily

Talking about art fun with english

Visiting a museum travel english lessons

Gerunds johnny grammar learn english british council

Infinitives johnny grammar learn english british council

Gerunds and infinitives johnny grammar learn english british council

Elementary english lesson 15 gerund or to + infinitive

English grammar gerund or infinitive i like swimming or i like to swim

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10 common verbs followed by gerunds

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How to talk about what you want expressing preference

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At the airport speaking english at the airport common words and phrases

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English grammar: using "who what and which"

Relative clauses relat adverbs

Ejercicio relative clauses

What or which

Ejercicio: what or which

Vocabulary 7 adjectives for describing people in english


Physical appearance

Relative clauses

Describing people vs describing jobs english lesson