Módulo XII

Lengua Adicional al Español IV

2 and 3 Conditionals

How to use "unless"

The Second Conditional (Part 1)

The Second Conditional (Part 2)

Using "if" (Conditional Tenses)

English Modal Verbs 5: Could

Using English Modals with 2nd Conditionals

Modal Verbs in English

2nd Conditional- English Grammar

Second conditional - explicación en español

El Segundo Condicional - Situaciones Hipotéticas


Using the expression 'BUT' in different ways - Free English Grammar Lesson

Talking About Hobbies - Fun with English

Talking About a Movie - Speak English Fluently

Talking About T.V Shows - Learn English Language

At a restaurant - Speaking in English at a restaurant

Talking About your vacation - Studying English

Eating Out - How to place an order in a restaurant in English - Learn English Online

English Phrasal Verbs - Hobbies

Vegetables - English vocabulary lessons

Food vocabulary - English vocabulary lessons

Fruit vocabulary - English vocabulary lessons

Lesson 6b - PRESENT PERFECT - English Grammar

Lesson 6a - PRESENT PERFECT - English Grammar

Lesson 6c - PRESENT PERFECT - English Grammar

The past tense vs the present perfect tense

The Present Perfect Tense

Questions in the Present Perfect Tense

Lesson 7 The Present Perfect vs the past simple

The Past Simple VS. The Present Perfect

English Grammar - Past Simple & Present Perfect

Past Simple or Present Perfect?

Present Perfect and Past Simple Exercise 1

Sports, Hobbies & Interests

Learn English - Asking About Occupations, What is your Job?

Learn English - Asking About Hobbies, What do you do for fun?

Starting Conversations - English Conversation Lesson

Planning a vacation - Free English speaking course

Taking a break - Speak English fluently when you have fun

At the gym - English vocabulary and conversations for health and exercise

Grooming Yourself - Getting a haircut, salon visit, etc

Shopping for clothes - Speak English fluently at a clothes store

Going on a hiking trip - English Conversation

Going to the movies - Speak English fluently

Talking about a song - Learn to speak English fluently

Discussing TV Shows - English Conversation Lesson

How's Your Day - Learn Good Phrases Daily

Talking About Art - Fun with English

Visiting a Museum - Travel English Lessons

Gerunds | Johnny Grammar | Learn English | British Council

Infinitives | Johnny Grammar | Learn English | British Council

Gerunds and infinitives | Johnny Grammar | Learn English | British Council

Elementary English. Lesson 15. Gerund or to + infinitive

English Grammar - Gerund or Infinitive? ('I like swimming' or 'I like to swim'?)

Gerund and Infinitives - Lesson 27 - English Grammar

10 common verbs followed by gerunds

10 common verbs followed by infinitives - English Grammar for Beginners

How to talk about what you want - Expressing Preference

Preferences - English Grammar

Gerunds in English

Infinitives in English

Present continuous tense vs gerunds

Expressing preference | Johnny Grammar | Learn English | British Council

Likes & Dislikes - How to say you dislike something in English

Food You Hate to Eat - Fun English Lesson

Describing things and people - Speak English quickly

Describing people in english - Sample English conversation

English Job Vocabulary - Professions in English. What is your Job? Occupations English Lesson

At the airport - Speaking English at the airport. Common words and phrases

At a hotel - English video lesson

Hunting for a job - Finding a job conversation - English language lessons

English Grammar: Using "Who, What, and Which"

Relative Clauses (relat. Adverbs)

Ejercicio- Relative Clauses

What or Which

Ejercicio: What or Which

Vocabulary - 7 adjectives for describing people in English


Physical Appearance

Relative Clauses

Describing People vs. Describing Jobs. English Lesson

Comportamiento en situaciones hipotéticas

Describes experiencias

Gustos y preferencias

Información de objetos, actividades y personas